Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Fun at Sara Rose's House!

What are your plans for the weekend, everybody?  We've got some super fun cleaning (hear the sarcasm drip) to get done, first.  Then we have got crafts, movies, baking and cooking galore!  My dear friend, Vailferree, is coming over for Sunday brunch of Eggs Benedict. (By the way, if you readers want the recipe for my special homemade Eggs Benedict, just comment and I'll share!)  I got two really cool crafts from Etsy- a set of diffferent sized 'Valentine Blocks' to paint and put together, and a set of Valentine's to put together too!

We'll do some painting because Eva and I love creating art together and Owen is starting to really enjoy his finger paints . . . especially putting them in my hair. Eva will work on her Valentines for class at some point and I'm pretty sure we're watching Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale.  We also have some baking to do!  This weekend brings two great recipes to try- cranberry bread, and my favorite cookies ever, peanut butter chocolate chip!

We're reading Alice In Wonderland to Eva and working through a great pile of cool Richard Scarry books for Owen.  Have a great weekend from us at Elegant Mommy and if you're out shopping, stop and say hi!

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