Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey! Did You Know?

Here at Elegant Mommy, we are really pro-breast feeding.  We also totally understand that it's not always easy and that a lot of moms need things like breast pumps, sound information and facts, and a lot of help to keep their milk supply going or if their little ones are struggling with breast feeding too.

Don't give up hope!  Breast feeding is one of the best, healthiest, and most natural choices you can make for you and your baby.  At Elegant Mommy, we have La Leche League meeting the second Thursday evening of every month, contact information for the Sioux Falls area LLL Leader, and a fully trained LLL counselor on staff.  We want to be your first stop if you need help and/or breast feeding products.

Elegant Mommy is full line Medela retailer. We are working on getting the products on our website, but until then, you can call us and we can get you a great deal on purchasing a new breastpump or renting a hospital grade breastpump!   We also have a variety of other breast feeding products for you to choose from.

We are borrowing this question from their page today...

My funniest moment breastfeeding was ________....Fill in the blank!

Be sure to keep us in mind as you start or continue breast feeding.  We're always here to help!

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