Tuesday, January 11, 2011

La Leche League- This Week!

Nurse the baby: your protection against troubl...Image via WikipediaA quick reminder to all our valued parents and customers, this week we will have our La Leche League meeting Thursday, at Elegant Mommy, at 6:30 pm.  If you cannot attend but need some help and advice, our local leader is always available to take calls and schedule time with you.  We also have a certified LLL Peer Counselor employed here at the shop!  So, our next question, of course, is what is La Leche League?

LLL exists to help support families that are actively breast feeding their children on a variety of topics.  From ways to encourage milk production to handling anxiety about breast feeding in public, any number of topics that are associated with breast feeding can be talked about with a LLL counselor or leader.

As firm advocates of natural parenting, we do believe in the importance of breast feeding and understand the challenges that parents can face with it.  We do know that it isn’t for everyone but if there is a way to help someone overcome any issue, large or small, with their own attempts at it, we are proud to offer a location where you can go and ask questions with ease and openness.

Your LLL leader or counselor can help you with so many different areas of breast feeding.  For example, if you are a working mother who decides to pump and bottle feed, they can help you explore how to keep your milk supply up and ways to ensure you are getting the best quality of milk for your baby.

Fathers are more than welcome at LLL meetings too.  It’s a way they can show their support and continue their involvement in bonding with their children and wives.  Often times, there can be rough patches with breast feeding, so having someone with you who can empathize or offer help is of special importance!  We hope to see you Thursday evening and again, you can always contact Elegant Mommy to get more information on our local LLL leaders and counselors.  Be sure to check out their website too at- http://www.llli.org/

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