Friday, January 14, 2011

Two New Widgets For You

vegetablesImage via WikipediaWe are coupon junkies, by nature, both Shelly and I.  Is it the mommy syndrome?  I honestly was never so obsessed with coupons until recently, but man I hoard them like uncut diamonds now!  The other day, at the grocery store, the lady ahead of me had been in a hurry and abandoned her receipt and coupons.  There were seriously 10 of them! TEN!!!!   I squealed at the delights of yogurts, frozen veggies, butter, milk, etc., all on sale with these coupons!

In the past, I really dismissed coupons.  I always wondered how much money people were really saving.  Then I decided to do some research when I realized that for some reason, despite us attempting to stay within our weekly food budget, we were still paying these sky high grocery bills.  Suddenly, the idea of saving 50 cents didn't seem so stupid after all.

I realize that with coupons, it is much the same as it is shopping for great deals ANYWHERE.  Pay attention to the fine print, there are some coupons that are NOT a deal, like the one I found where you got 3 v8 fusions at 25 cents off each. Wow. What. A. Deal. NOT.  But the one to get $1 off a bag of Bird's Eye Frozen Fruit or Vegetables? That I'll keep.

We decided to put two new widgets up, here at the blog- Coupons by Dede and Swagbucks. To put it simply,k Coupons by Dede has new coupons daily that could be of use to you and Swagbucks is a search engine where you earn 'bucks' to purchase things and coupons deeply discounted.  We love a good bargain and we know you do too!

So, happy Friday evening and check out the new widgets soon!  There is a lot of new stuff coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned!
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