Friday, January 7, 2011

How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

We had a lot of great responses to this question on Facebook, so I (Sara Rose here), decided I'd share my pregnancy stories here with you too! 

Well, I had no idea I was prego with Eva (my 5 year old), so this may be dumb but I went in because I thought I had an ulcer. SERIOUSLY. BUT I HAVE A REASON! I have never had a normal 'cycle' and I actually spotted lightly the first two months of her pregnancy. As soon as the doctor walked in, he humorously said, "Well, you may GET an ulcer but you don't have one yet. You're pregnant." He had a student doctor with him and I just stuttered out an "I have to go! Right now! I've got to figure this out!"

I told her biological father next.  We were never serious and we decided pretty early on that I would raise her and that he would be in the picture when he was ready and that he and Eva would build their relationship slowly and steadily.  After we made our decisions and talked through how we wanted to go about things, I told my mother and three friends, along with my boss.  

When I was 12 weeks along, I felt 'safe' announcing it to the world.  I had just started a new job when I found out, so my boss and I privately discussed that I planned to keep it quiet awhile to not only make sure I didn't miscarry but also so we could figure out everything I needed to do for maternity leave.

Soon after Eva was born, I met and married my wonderful husband.  We had wanted to have our children closer together but I had gotten a job that required tb testing and mine came back positive OUT OF NOWHERE!  I knew I needed to finish the medicine for tb before attempting to get pregnant.

After finishing the medicine, I actually got pregnant twice, right away.  But I miscarried both times, which was painful physically and emotionally.  However, I really think it was for the best.  Your immune system and body needs to recuperate after you take those meds.  I also suffered an injury that had caused the second miscarriage.  I was very early into both pregnancies.  To be perfectly honest, when I became pregnant with our son a few months later, I was shocked that it lasted!

Owen, I had a good idea, I felt different right away and when my period didn't show, I waited a week, took the test and went into the dr. Then after I got the confirmation and ultrasound pic, I barged in on my husband during a work meeting and said, "Sorry to butt in guys, I just wanted to let my husband know we're pregnant!" Then I left him the test results and picture.

When he got home he was grinning like a Mad Hatter.  After Eva got to bed that night, we did talk through my hesitations a bit.  I was worried since I had had two failed pregnancies a few months prior, so we decided we would tell only my mom right away.  We told everyone else after about 12 weeks, but people had started guessing because of 3 reasons:

1.  I showed almost instantly.
2.  I had 24/7 morning sickness and exhaustion.  I believe the first three months of Owen's pregnancy I slept through.
3.  I was at a gathering of gal pals and one blurted out, "Sara. You're pregnant. You HAVE TO BE.  You look it and have been sick for weeks."  Well, I am a terrible liar, so I just turned red and stuttered, "Well, actually yes." to a collection of girlish glee.

For our extended friends and family, we waited out the twelve weeks and it was right about Christmas time, so our card was very cute.  It said "Merry Christmas from us and our bun in the oven!"  Our cards were very seriously Mrs. Claus taking a tray of buns out of her oven.  Now, how did YOU announce your pregnancies?

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