Saturday, May 5, 2012

Midwifery - Yes, please!!

So, I usually don't post on Saturdays or Sundays unless there's something really big I want to tell you about or a major announcement, or a very important event or something.

Well, today I would be completely and utterly remiss if I didn't give a shout out to MIDWIVES!!

Today is International day of the Midwife, and so I would like to challenge you to reach out to your local midwives and THANK THEM for what they do every single day to improve maternity care worldwide.

I don't know about elsewhere in the world, but here in the US and especially in South Dakota, we need more midwives!!!! I truly believe that midwifery and the midwife model of care is the answer to the maternity care crisis in this country, so let's give those amazing and wonderful women who work so tirelessly to help other women and families through pregnancy and beyond, some heartfelt love and appreciation!

To those of you reading this that are midwives, Thank You for the wonderful work you do, and I pray you are able to continue to make such an amazing difference in the lives of so many mamas, babies, families, and the world. You rock!!

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