Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Becoming a Mommy

I had a couple responses to my request for mamas to submit their mommy stories to be featured here. This is Hannah's story, which I adore! I love that there are so very many different kinds of mommies out there, and we are all connected by one thing: the indescribable and passionate love for our children. Hannah very concisely and beautifully shares this with us as she tells about the way she became a mom - I hope you enjoy reading about it as I have

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Cooley and I'm the mother of five beautiful, smart and goofy kids! My story is very interesting about how I became a mom...

Not quite three years ago I met the most amazing man (besides my dad of course). He started telling me about his four kids and how they were the light of his life. As his story unfolded I heard about his ex who was a nonexistant mom to their children and had neglected them - among other things. The state had custody of his children and he was fighting for them!

I met my soon-to-be kids in April 2010 for the first time. They simply wow-ed me! They were funny, cute, and excited to be with their dad! I fell more in love with them every day! As they started to move back in with their dad and I, they grew closer and closer to my heart. I never knew I could love four beings so much! They are my kids ever so much! Biologically they may not be, but they are forever in my heart. 

To make things even better, almost four months ago we brought into this big world our baby, Piper J.! She brought a whole new meaning to my already meaningful life! Being a mom to my 5 kids is the hardest, most difficult - yet sweetest, most rewarding thing ever! 

I'm by no means a perfect mom, but my imperfections are loved by my kids! :-)

~Hannah Cooley


Shelly said...

Hannah - I had no idea that your kids were not biologically yours. You have always referred to them as your kids and never mentioned "step" when referring to them around me. You are a shining example of a loving Mother!

Katrina H said...

Hannah, You are simply amazing! I adore you, your children, and your love for those little ones!!! I'm so proud to have you in my life and strive to be as amazing as you are!!!

Payton C. said...

Hannah- you are the greatest! Those kids(and Alex) wouldn't know what to do without you. You are such a big part in their lives and also in mine. I love youu!!