Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa...yes or no?

A couple weeks back I asked our Facebook readers if they "do" Santa at their house and why or why not?

There was a big response with a lot of diversity, so instead of going into detail about what we do (so you can get on to reading these great responses), I'll just tell you that we "do" Santa at our house, but we want to make it clear to our kids that Christmas is not only about getting gifts from Santa (or anyone else for that matter), but that giving is even more important.

So, enough from me on the subject...what do our readers have to say?

Yes we do! Just because that's how we were raised and it's something for the child to look forward to. Christmas is so exciting through the eyes of our kids!

Yes, it's tradition

Nope, not anymore. Last year was a big debacle with a certain gift that Emmie didn't get. This year everyone is getting three gifts just like our Savior got on His birthday. I am trying to get them to realize the true meaning of Christmas. We have an Advent wreath and Advent calendar this year too. The kids will each get one thing they want, one thing they need, and we will have one family gift to share plus just a couple odds and ends in their stockings. We will also again have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas day as well.

We do Santa but we only get them five or six gifts total including Santa gifts. But we talk about what the true meaning of Christmas is and what happened and why we celebrate Christmas daily. We talk about Jesus and the manger and the story of Christmas all month, then on Christmas day we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

I have a feeling that this will be the last year my oldest (8) believes in Santa...I'm sure he'll break the news to my 5 year old as well. I don't mind the Santa thing while the kids are young. Honestly, they don't care who gives the gifts. I'm ok with that. We also talk about the meaning of Christmas. I'm not extremely religious, more spiritual.

Santa has always done stockings in our house. Along with fruit, candy, nuts, and a toothbrush, he wraps some SMALL gifts and leaves them in the stockings (gift cards, CD's, DVD's, games, puzzles, lip balms, lotions, etc...). In my opinion, Santa bringing the "main" gifts leads to heartache in older children when he "miraculously" doesn't get them what they want, if they KNOW the main gifts are from family, then they understand WHY they don't always get that really expensive item they want. Haha!! Now that said...Tasha REFUSES to believe there is no Santa, seriously. She informed her teacher that she "agrees with my mom and dad when they say there is no Santa, just so they don't argue with me about it"...<sigh> One of the many joys of having a mentally impaired 18 year old.

We also do Santa, because it was the way we were raised. In the past we have done the big gifts as "Santa" gifts. After reading Sheila's thoughts it really made me think...We spend SOOO much time stressing about making sure we get the things they asked from Santa because they are usually the most expensive things. If we DO NOT succeed in getting them, it leads to a big ol Santa let down. So I think this year, WE are gonna claim the big gifts and let Santa bring the petty stuff!

No Santa in our house. We have an incredibly strict 'no lies' policy in our house, and it covers everything. They were allowed to believe as long as its what they thought on their own, but when asked we tell them the absolute truth, including the true story of St Nicholas and reasons for the holiday. They all still get stockings along with a couple of gifts, and we're all good with that. Only the four year old seems a tad confused, she asked the other day "if you and daddy are going to be Santa, then who is going to be your reindeer this year?"

We do! I love the magic of Santa and his elves. :)

Nope; no need to set 'em up for any further disappointment than they'll experience already with us and life and the world...can't justify lying about it, either ~

Yes and no-- I don't bring up Santa, make cookies for him or any of that, when he says stuff about Santa you just ask questions back. The media, grandma and grandpa and friends supply a lot of information/ideas of Santa. I teach him about Jesus and His birthday. But if he wants to believe in Santa I don't want to rain on that parade. If he ever asked I'd tell him, otherwise I think it's harmless to let it go.

We definitely do Santa. We will also do the tooth fairy. Childhood is full of magic and the unexplained. I like to foster that as long as possible. As long as my kids are young enough to WANT to believe in it, I will encourage it.

Wow...I have heard a lot of new things on this post that I have never heard before. I honestly didn't realize that people around here wouldn't "do" Santa for little kids. People make good points though.

We don't "do" Santa, because of the whole make believe thing. Because when they are older and find out it's fake they might have a harder time believing in something we find real but can't see like Jesus/God. However it's been really easy to skip Santa because she is only three. I just had a lady ask her today what she was going to ask Santa for and she looked at me like "what is this lady talking about mommy" I am sure we will be having some interesting conversations in the coming days/weeks.

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