Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding Balance at Christmas

"How do you find balance this time of year - kids, family, shopping, Christmas programs, parties, etc?"

Ok, so when I asked this question to our readers, I was really hoping for some good tips, advice, and ways I could better balance things. I didn't get very many responses (though the ones I got I will post here), but after I thought about it a little bit, I realized that I actually am balancing things pretty well.

No, I'm not perfect - not even close, but this year I've really haven't had much choice but to have some balance in my Christmas preparation. I've started a new business, and I have had several custom orders that I've had to do, and I have one really big custom order I'm working on right now. The thing is, is that some things are just gonna have to take a back seat. We had our son's birthday party yesterday (he turns two on Christmas day), and while she was here for that, my sister asked me if I wanted to go to her place in Watertown today and we could make Christmas cookies/goodies together...our mom was going to go, and it would have been a very fun that we try to do every year. I didn't have a choice but to say no this matter how much I wanted to go. I have other things that take priority, and until those are done I need to not do some of the "extras"...perhaps I'll be able to do something like that in a week or so, but right now it just isn't possible.

So, my advice is to prioritize. What is most important to you? For me, it's my family and some of our Christmas traditions. Vienna and I made popcorn strings for a tree, as a family we made little Christmas tree treats, we have decorated our house and done a little shopping and gift making, and we will make cookies on Christmas Eve. Church is also a priority, and we look forward to the Christmas program there next week. My new business is important to our income, so as with any business, I need to give it my time and make it a will never come ahead of my family, but some other things definitely can be knocked back a bit...some things just aren't as important.

So, for those of you that usually get a Christmas card from us, maybe just don't expect one, but if you do get one it will probably be late...sound good? ;)

....that's my story, so how did our readers answer this question?

Very carefully :)
~Shellia Ann

Sadly I skip most parties, enjoy the family when I can and work eats the rest.

Don't be a perfectionist. The kids won't remember perfect sugar cookies, they will remember the time you spent making them together.
Evie's note: I really like Angie's advice!! I have taken it to heart and really applied it in things we do this year - you should see our very non-classy tree decorations - ha! :)

Drinking. Lots of drinking. And I keep wondering where these kids come from...
Evie's note: Kimberly - I think this is hilarious! :)

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