Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Traditions...

This month I am asking questions on our Facebook page and compiling the answers in a blog post so everyone can enjoy each other's thoughts on Christmas and family this time of year. I will be including my own thoughts on most of the questions as well, so.......enjoy! :)

Today's question was "What are some Christmas/Holiday traditions that you have with your kids?"

We are just beginning our Christmas traditions, but this year we will be doing the same thing that we did last year, so it's a start :). On Christmas Eve we baked cookies together and Vienna decorated them.Then before we went to bed, we set out cookies and milk and Vienna "wrote" her letter to Santa asking for what she wanted. We woke up in the morning and opened gifts and spent the day all together just playing and enjoying our time together. This year will be even more fun because Porter will be able to join in :).

The Christmas pickle. :) We have a glass pickle ornament that gets hidden in the tree on Christmas Eve and in the morning the kids get to search for it, the first to find it gets an extra little gift (usually a trinket or little candy).

We usually try to go pick out either individual ornaments for each kid, or they pick their own. Or we get a family one that has "us" on it. And of course family baking day!

We hunt and cut down our Christmas tree every year. The kids get to pick it out, so not always the straightest tree, but they picked it :). We also allow them to open one gift on Christmas Eve (pj's) and this year we are adding slippers!

We have the elf on the shelf and his name is zartmax. Then last year I found a tiny elf that had the same sort of look so they begged santa in a letter to give that elf (zartsam) magic as well :). So every night they fly to santa telling him how the boys behaved and they are in a new spot every morning to they have to search the house for them.

We watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve in our Christmas pj's with popcorn and apple cider

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