Friday, September 16, 2011

Thirsties Reviews

Since today is Thirsties' Featured Product Day, here are some reviews on Thirsties' products from our readers. Thanks to Alisha, Jessica A, and Jessica W for contributing some reviews - you ladies rock!

Well, at the moment I only own two Thirsties Duo wraps in size two for my little man. He is almost 20 months and is pushing 31lbs. They are Velcro not snaps as I like that I can get a customizable fit with the Velcro. I use prefolds and fitteds with them and LOVE them. They are by far my favorite cover. They wash so well, seem very durable and the fit is just amazing. The double leg gussets have held in the messiest of messes, and to boot they are a great price. I love that they have solid colors as well as prints. Even though I am Canadian, I really LOVE the fact that all the Thirsties products are made in the USA.

My husband and I are trying for baby number two and I plan on purchasing the Thirsties Duo Wraps in size one for the next baby. They are just THAT good.


When I first started with cloth diapering with my first daughter I bought some of everything to try them all out.  She was quite tiny and so I wound up with a lot of Thirsties covers that I used over prefolds and then I found a sale on a bunch of All-In-Ones.  I really liked the covers as they did a great job of containing even the biggest of blowouts and after my daughter outgrew them I was able to use the small covers as a swim diaper right up until she was potty trained.

In the first months it was great because I could use the covers multiple times, but I wound up moving away from the covers and prefolds system by the time she was 4 months because she was always soiling the cover each time and I found that the pocket diaper system was better for us.

I liked the All-In-Ones because of the ease of having the diaper ready to go, and they had a pocket so I put an extra hemp insert in them for more absorbency.  The extra smalls were perfect for infants and nice and trim!  Again, though, we moved away from those as she got older and could fit into the FuzziBunz I had also purchased because she was a heavy pee-er and even with the extra hemp insert, it just wasn't enough.  They also took a lot longer to line dry and you couldn't use a high heat if you put them in the dryer. 

They are great diapers and I would recommend them, even though we found they weren't the best long term solution for us.

~Jessica A

We have been cloth diapering exclusively for 4 months now since my son was born.  When I was pregnant we researched cloth diapers and came to the conclusion that we wanted to find brands that he could wear right away rather than buying disposables until he got a little bigger.  We bought 3 Thirsties Duo Wrap covers (Size One) and 12 infant prefold diapers to start our stash.  We thought we would just use these to fill in the time until he could wear one size pockets but we are still using them today.  Other brands exaggerate their sizing but Thirsties size one have fit from 8-14 lbs and still have room to grow (they are listed as fitting 6-18lbs). 

I always recommend that those who want to try cloth diapering start with these because the covers are so affordable.  I like that the cover can be reused several times a day and I don't have to pull the dirty prefold out before throwing it in the wash. 

The quality of Thirsties Duo Wrap covers is amazing.  Compared to the elastic on some of our pocket diapers, the Thirsties covers are showing no wear whatsoever.  I would suggest if you plan to use them full time to look into snaps because the aplix on our original 3 covers is starting to wear after 200-250 uses.  Overall Thirsties are a great combination of price and quality.

~Jessica W

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