Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Featured Product Day: FuzziBunz

Today our Featured Product is FuzziBunz cloth diapers! Check out this blog post from their company:

First Time Cloth Diapering Mamas Choose FuzziBunz - Easy, Affordable and Chic!

FuzziBunz is excited to be the featured product today for Elegant Mommy. You already know that cloth diapers are chic, stylish and oh-so-fun, and FuzziBunz are no exception. FuzziBunz is the mother of all cloth diapers. In fact, the company popularized the modern cloth diaper in 2000 when the company's founder, Tereson Dupuy, came up with the fleece and pocket-style diaper combo - a hit for busy moms who wanted to easily wash
diapers at home without the mess moms would endure with traditional cloth diapers.

Today, FuzziBunz offers two fabulous cloth diapering options - the One-Size and the Perfect-Size diapers. FuzziBunz One-Size cloth diapers offer one of the most adjustable diapers around, adjusting with an elastic button hidden inside each leg casing and waist band. The FuzziBunz Perfect-Size cloth diapers come in XS, S, M, L and XL and are perfect for parents who want a perfect fit without the hassle of adjusting every few months.

For moms interested in cloth diapering for the first time, choosing FuzziBunz diapers is a no-brainer. The diapers have an amazing warranty, durable snaps, fun colors and the pocket-style moms love and trust. Plus, thousands of moms have used them (this is no mom-and-pop brand) and they have been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, Parents magazine,, The Today Show and Pregnancy magazine as a mom's choice cloth diaper that mustn't be overlooked.

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