Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FuzziBunz Product Review

There are many different styles of pocket cloth diapers.  Every brand has their own unique way of doing them.  When my husband and I started thinking about cloth diapering when I was 6 months along with our second baby, we started to do a lot of research on Modern Cloth Diapers.  We were amazed by the differences in them all.  Some used snaps; others used Velcro.  Some were one size; others were sized.

We found FuzziBunz.  We really liked that they came in the one size variety because you don’t have to continue to buy more diapers as the little ones grow.  Plus, we figure that the added cost of the one size is much easier on the pocket book than having to buy multiple sizes.  The number one reason why we liked their one size system over the other brands was because of the adjustable elastic.  Instead of having a snap system that can create bulk in the front of the diaper, they make them adjustable around the legs and back.  The elastic adjusts just like a pair of kid’s jeans, with buttons!  I like how the buttons are hidden so that they don’t rub wrong on their tender skin.  The microfiber is so soft and we’ve never had a problem with staining.  I also loved how solids don’t stick to the microfiber; they just roll right off!  They also make the perfect overnight diaper when paired with a hemp insert under the microfiber insert.

We have used our FuzziBunz since our little man was 3 weeks old.  He is now 17 months old and they still going strong!  They were a little bulky all over to start, but they never leaked and fit very well.  We loved how we could ‘customize’ his fit as he grew so quickly those first few months.  The few times that he did leak, we found that it was because they were sized too tightly.  We found the best fit was to leave it loose enough to easily slip two fingers width between his legs and the edge of the diaper.

FuzziBunz are the brand that got us hooked!  We have tried other brands and styles of cloth diapers, but the FuzziBunz are still our ‘go to’ diaper.  I always recommend to other cloth diapering people to have a couple FuzziBunz in their stash.

Happy Diapering!

Written by The Trophy Wife

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Looks like i need to try this brand :)