Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Trade-Up Time

Once upon a time Elegant Mommy had some amazing and extremely loyal customers. One day, one of those very loyal customers had a GREAT idea.

Her idea was basically for us to offer a "trade-in" option for carriers.

We have several different babywearing support groups now, and we also have a few Certified Babywearing Consultants on staff - so it would make sense to offer our customers a way to "upgrade" to the next best carrier option for their babies.

Well, we liked her idea so much that we have decided to implement just that!

Check it out:

So....there you have it. Just one more reason to shop locally! As of now, get your carrier with us (keep your receipt!) and if you ever want to trade-in for a different carrier you'll be able to for a much discounted price!

You're welcome.....we'll see you soon :)


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