Monday, August 31, 2015

The Best Thing About Breastfeeding is....

At the beginning of the month I asked our Facebook friends what their most favorite part of breastfeeding is. Since it's the last day of National Breastfeeding Month today I thought I'd share their thoughts with you here.

Stacey: The milky smiles :) OHH LOVED dream feedings!! NO waking up - well hardly anyway

Julie: Healthy gut flora for baby. And its super easy compared to bottles. And way cheaper too!

Hiedy: The bond my son and I share!! So special that it makes everything all better!!

Erin: The ease, the sweet snuggles, the calling for mamas... I love it all. 

Julie: Oh yes- and I can feed baby four times a night without ever getting out of bed. Pretty much everything!

Cassie: The bond!  and I love being the only one who can feed her. :)

Erin: Who can say no to extra cuddle time?

Dezzirae: The cuddles and the closeness 

Jennalee: I love the cuddles and the cute little face she makes!

Brandilyn: The snuggles, love and it's free! Plus I don't have to move an inch to burn calories lol

Katy: I love getting smacked by my over active 5 month old and the no guilt down time that I get every couple hours to snuggle and bond with my little man

Jennifer: stopping what I'm doing to nurse and just be for that time my little man needs his mama :)

BaLeigh: The cuddles along with that sweet milk breath! 

Marrisa: I could list all the health benefits, easiness, and that I wasn't a sleep deprived new mommy but nothing compares to the sleepy, milky, smiles.

Callie: Our time together!!

Kammie: The health benefits. I have no clue if my kids didn't get my asthma or have never had ear infections because of nursing. I know that it was the best thing for them and who knows what colds flus or other illnesses we avoided because of it.

Rachel: I love too many things about it to name just one thing :) i love that I get to have that special time with my babe, I love that I can fulfill his need for comfort and nutrition with just one action <3

I agree with everything these mamas said. There are so many things to love about breastfeeding that it's so hard to pick just one.

When I'm talking with expecting mamas about breastfeeding, the benefits it brings, and basically the "why" of it all, we go through all kinds of things - cost, ease, convenience, time savings, health benefits for mom and baby, etc, etc.

The benefit that I talk about as my favorite though? The bond and closeness that it brings.

I have a few things going on in my life (not unlike you, dear reader, I'm sure). I have a husband, 3 beautiful children that we homeschool, a young moms group that I lead, 2 jobs (this one I do at home and one outside of my home), doula clients, childbirth classes to teach, and lactation counseling clients...not to mention other family and friends whom I love dearly and want to purpose to keep in my life.

I think I've figured out how to juggle it all, but some days go much better than others. There are days where I literally feel like I have about 568 things to do: Calls coming in, texts, and Facebook messages, emails, lists and lists and lists of things. Some days I feel as if I am completely surrounded by different things that are all pulling me in different directions - literally pulling me and if I don't keep it all balanced, something is going to give and it's all going to collapse - I'm going to break something or drop a major ball and some sort of disaster that I could have prevented will befall the world. And on top of it all? The friggin baby is crabby beyond belief and needs to nurse. You've GOT to be kidding me!

But then I sit down to nurse, the after effects of which are almost astounding.

She snuggles in. Latches. Oxytocin starts flowing.

It feels like a remarkable wave washing over me (I can seriously feel it) where all the outside pressures melt away and all that there is in the world is me and my baby. I don't give a rip about deadlines or questions that need to be answered, or emails that need a response, or the mess on the floor, or anything else that might be demanding my attention. If even for just a few minutes, she and I are in our own little piece of heaven on earth. The place where she's getting exactly what she needs from me - comfort, health, nutrition. The place where I'm getting everything I need from her - the knowledge that I'm doing what is best for our precious little one and the assurance that everything else can wait for a few minutes. The world certainly won't end and I will still have time to get what I need done (usually, anyway *wink* ). I'll be refreshed and rejuvenated. She'll be happily satisfied with a full tummy of the best food in the world.

And I'm the one who can give it to her - just me.

What could be better than that?


Keep nursing!

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