Monday, August 10, 2015

Beautiful Birth

Here at Elegant Mommy we are always looking to share birth and breastfeeding stories. One of our friends recently wrote a beautiful poem about her long-anticipated VBAC, and I want to share it with you today. It truly is lovely.....enjoy:

Beautiful Birth

To be a mama is why I was placed on this earth.
Our journey began on a fine May morning with your beautiful birth.
For nine months, I did fret and worry.
The idea of a natural VBAC was so very scary.
I wanted for you nothing but the best.
I wanted to trust the way my body was designed, and forget the rest.
Finally, I decided.  For me, there was only one way.
So for 17 hours, fervently I did pray.
With each contraction, we worked together-your body and mine.
All we needed was patience and time.
In the midst of all that pain, I’m not sure I knew.
This, was one of the most magnificent things I would ever do.
For you, what an experience it was laboring.
In one word…amazing.
It wasn’t easy…but Jesus got me through.
And my reward-He brought me you.
With all my might did I push and try.
Each push released with a guttural cry.
All other noise did cease.
The room was filled with a palpable peace.
From beginning to end, this experience was incredibly beautiful.
It’s a wonder what our bodies can do with a great deal of will.
With a final push of love, I was at last able to see your sweet face.
You were placed on my chest for a long awaited warm embrace.
It was at that moment I knew; for the rest of my days,
You would forever be my always.

Thank you, Rachel!

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