Thursday, July 30, 2015

She Slept, She Slept!!


Very happy baby - squealing with delight
I seriously am not sure what to do with myself right now! I actually got more than an hour of sleep at a time last night - for real!

Our Incredible Non-Sleeping Baby actually slept for reasonable amounts of time last night - WOOT!

Wow. I just had to share some of my joy with you all. We still aren't so great on the whole nap thing, but we are getting there!

So, this is what our night looked like:

7:25 pm - I laid down with her to nurse her to sleep
8:05 pm - Transferred her from our bed to her crib
11:22 pm - She woke and nursed for about 15 minutes. I laid her back in her crib
2:45 am (ish) - She woke and nursed for about 10-15 minutes. I laid her back in her crib
5:15 am - She woke and I pulled her into bed with us because I could tell she wasn't wanting to go back to sleep and I knew she would sleep next to me. She snuggled in and went to sleep
6:45 am - I got up and left her in bed
8:10 am - She woke for the day

I don't know if I can even express how big of a victory this is! The night before she was up every 1/2 hour to hour until I finally pulled her into bed with us at 2 am...I needed to sleep!

Mommy and Babe after the best night's sleep we've both gotten in a
very long time - see how rested we look?

Now, I feel like I need to justify this a little bit, so hear me out.

I know some people are totally anti-crib. They want to sleep with their babies all the time until they decide to go to their own bed. That is *totally* cool with me!

I'm really not against bed sharing. Really. The thing is, I need her to sleep in her crib at least part of the time. For my own sanity. So I can get some decent sleep, and so she can get more sleep. If she only sleeps with us, then she's not getting even remotely close to the amount of sleep she actually needs (because we go to bed late and get up early) and that's totally not awesome. For anyone in the house. I'm sure many of you can relate to having an over-tired baby around. Not cool.

When she's in bed with us I sleep better than when she's waking every 1/2 hour to an hour, but not nearly as good as I do when she's not in bed with us. My body starts to ache from sleeping on my side in one position all night long, and sometimes I just need to get some sleep. Good sleep.

So....with that, I feel like we are totally making some progress from where we were when I wrote this. We certainly haven't "arrived" yet, but we are on our way at least, and seriously? That's all I can ask for right now. Baby steps are totally fine by me!

Now....I'm praying that tonight goes AS well, and I'm excited to hopefully get the little sweetie-pie to take some much needed naps on a more regular basis. Like I said - baby steps.


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