Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Certified Bra Fitters at Elegant Mommy

Did you know that every one of our in-store employees is a Bravado Certified Bra-Fitter? Even if you did know, do you know what that actually means? And what difference does it make anyway? You just need a nursing bra, right? Does having the right size actually make that big a difference?

Well, let me start out by saying that having a nursing bra that fits you perfectly is absolutely essential!

Take it from me. I'm a rather well-endowed woman, and I really had no idea how much the size of my breasts would fluctuate during pregnancy, the first few days after birth, and even through the next months of nursing. During all my pregnancies my bra size increased at least a full cup and rib size. After my first two babies were born, I was so engorged when my milk "came in" that my breasts actually looked plastic. Talk about painful. I was blessed to be able to prevent engorgement this last time around. Even so, my breasts got pretty huge.

After a couple months of finding our nursing "rhythm", I finally got to a somewhat "regular" size. Those first couple months, though, weren't easy. Depending on what side my baby ate on first, how long it had been since she/he had eaten, etc, my size varied greatly.

I was fortunate and have never dealt with plugged milk ducts or mastitis, but those are very real issues that can turn up, especially if you have an ill-fitting bra. Continuous pressure in a single spot can cause a plugged milk duct, and if it doesn't get drained it can lead to mastitis. Both are very painful and difficult things to deal with when you have a newborn that depends on you for complete care!

Because of this, a bra that fits right is simply essential. I didn't know all these things with my first babies, and looking back I wish that I had known more about well-fitting bras. This last time around has definitely been different! :)

I have at my disposal (AND SO DO YOU!!), Bravado Certified Bra-Fitters at Elegant Mommy. Everyone who works in the store has gone through Bravado's course and passed a rigorous test to become certified to help us all get fitted correctly. Elegant Mommy *cares* about your breastfeeding relationships with your babies, and wants to help everyone have the most successful experience possible.

By having a well-fitting nursing bra your chances of getting a plugged milk duct or mastitis drastically goes down, thereby helping breastfeeding relationships with your babies flourish!

So if you are needing a nursing bra, look no further than Elegant Mommy. No appointment is necessary. Just stop on in anytime during regular business hours and get the service you've come to expect from our awesome team!

Happy nursing!


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