Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where Will YOU Be on Saturday?

Have you ever been to The Little Things Birth & Baby Expo in Sioux Falls before?

Whether you have or haven't, you DEFINITELY need to check it out. Just mark your calendars, cancel your other commitments and plan to spend your afternoon there. You'll be glad you did! It will be chock full of awesome vendors, education presentations throughout the day, AND a lactation room....especially for those mamas who need a quiet place to take a break and sit while nourishing their little one.

There will also be a special babywearing fashion show! You'll get to see mamas and daddies all wearing their sweet little ones in different styles of carriers, wraps, and ring slings - it will be awesome!

As their website says:
The Little Things is a family centered event where Moms and Dads are welcomed by the area's most respected businesses. As our area's only birth and baby expo, The Little Things offers local families the opportunity to discover the wide range of products and services that are available from conception throughout the parenting journey. 
Elegant Mommy, Educated Mommy, and many many many businesses and organizations that you for SURE want to become acquainted with if you haven't yet will be there! And a little birdie told me that Elegant Mommy may or may not have some deals exclusively available at the expo. But you'll have to go to see for yourself ;)

Seriously - it is the place to be on Saturday!

We hope to see you there!!


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