Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Spring!!

Ok, so I know that it's technically been spring for awhile now, so this post is a wee bit overdue, but with the beautiful weather today I just wanna go outside and dance in the dandelions!

There's just something about springtime, isn't there? I'm sitting here at my desk watching a robin dance around in our yard pecking at food. As the neighboring petals fall off their blooming branches it leaves the illusion of snow gently floating down and filling our yard, but instead of cold it brings the sweetest and freshest perfume through my open window.



Such renewal. Such life. Such perfect rejuvenation of color in a previously brown and cold world. Such a perfect time to begin thinking about a garden.

Wait. Did I just say a garden?

Oh, how I love the idea of a garden! Growing our own food....knowing exactly what was put into it, the digging, the planting, the relaxing sight of growing plants, the "therapeutic" weeding, the care taken....the dying of said plants, the overabundance of weeds, the too-close-to-grow-well-plants, the mosquito bites.


I seriously love the idea of a garden. Note: I said the "idea" of a garden.

Actually growing a garden? Not so much.

For some reason I've deluded myself for many many years that I like to garden and that I'm actually good at it. The reality that I've finally admitted to is that I truly don't like to grow a garden, and I'm really not very good at it. Last year I didn't even try because I was pregnant and I knew I wouldn't do a very good job at it, but this year I put a stop to my own nonsense and told my husband that if he wants one he can totally do it, but it won't be mine, and I won't even attempt to fake liking to take care of it.

Honestly the only part I really enjoy is planting the seeds and watching the sprouts come up. Working the ground? No. Some people find weeding therapeutic. Not me - I think it sucks. Some people think that pruning and maintaining and nurturing the plants is the perfect escape. I want to feel that way too, I really truly do! But I don't.

I kind of think that the main reason I want to like to garden, is that I really love to can fresh produce. There is something pretty awesome about preserving food to use throughout the year. It makes that pot of chili so much more delicious knowing that the tomatoes were fresh and that I put them up myself. It makes those cheesy green beans even more tasty because I know exactly where they came from, and the corn? Oh, the sweet corn......SO good!

Anyway, I've reached the final and obvious conclusion that I'm not going to worry about a garden. I have so many friends and family that are super awesome at gardening. Many of them have extra produce to share. And if they don't? There are great farmers markets that I can get from, or a colony, or a CSA, or.......

Bottom line? I LOVE spring! I LOVE gardens! I LOVE fresh produce! I LOVE putting up produce! I DON'T love to garden!


I'll just be sitting here this lovely spring day dreaming about the beautiful garden you can plant while I enjoy the smells and views of the season. And then I'll put the dandelion bouquets that the kiddos pick me in exquisite vases (or you cups - whatever) as I ooo and aaa over the beauty of them. Because that's what spring is all about - beauty in new life. :)

Happy Spring!

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