Monday, March 23, 2015

Essentially Blessed Boutique

Another awesome sponsor of our great Anniversary Giveaway!

Essentially Blessed Boutique started with a few friends asking, "Hey, can you make me some of that?!?" (Un-petroleum jelly and face scrubs) From this simple start and a love of all things natural, much experimenting with recipes began. I feel blessed by so many people in our community who have supported me along the way! I truly know a lot of great people, who endeavor to support small businesses and are committed to seeking more natural products for their families. Thanks to them, my business now includes about 12 different products, in varying sizes and scents, and I have three new ones to debut this summer.
I can be contacted via Facebook at or can get messages at 605-361-9584. I ship anywhere within the US, and will have an Etsy page added by mid-April for out-of-state shipping convenience. I am also excited to announce that this month Essentially Blessed will be in its first retail location at Down to Earth Boutique. We look forward to adding locations to this, to make it convenient to get the products that you need at any time!
Essentially Blessed was pleased to get to donate a facial oil, facial scrub, and a bath bomb to help Elegant Mommy celebrate! The facial oil uses a powerful combination of organic borage, hemp, hazelnut, and grapeseed oils, as well as essential oils to target all skin types. Oils are critical for our faces to break up the deep impurities in our pores before they become something unsightly. The frankincense essential oil is fabulous at softening the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, naturally! The lavender is instrumental in keeping acne at bay, in acne prone skin. I have even heard lightening of red patches, as well as some tightening of overly large pores on skin with this blend. The BEST part, this oil blend is very light, and leaves no greasy feel like so many oils do. The Honey Bunny face scrub is a customer favorite. Everyone wants beautiful skin, but sometimes life provides challenges for keeping it that way! Pamper your face or body with our completely natural sugar scrub. Enriched with moisturizing oils, vitamin e oil, and antibacterial honey, this blend soothes, while exfoliating and providing deep moisture. And our newest product, Magnesium Bath Bombs, kind of *are* the bomb. They offer detoxification through your pores while they fizz, soothe, moisturize, and smell delightful. Your skin feels amazing when you get out of the tub, and provide the perfect water for shaving.

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