Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Pancake

As you know we are celebrating our 7th anniversary this month. If you haven't already, you really for real need to join our chat group on Facebook for some fun ways to earn extra entries into our giveaways!

We have many many sponsors that have contributed to our awesome giveaways, and we are going to feature some of them here on the blog :).

First up: Baby Pancake

My name is Breteni Morgan. Becoming a mother to my daughter Kamiyah has been one of the most exciting, challenging, wonderful, and amazing things that has ever happened in my life. I fell head over heels in love with her the moment she was in my arms but the joy was soon exchanged with concern because she was not developing like other babies. I started making her various items to offset her struggles because I could not find things on the market that would work for Kamiyah. 

I expected her to like them; what I didn't expect were other mothers asking me to make items for their babies, too! Designing and making these items has been a wonderful experience. 

Whatever you choose to order, I hope that you and your baby both love it and get many years of pleasure out of it! One of my favorite things to do is get involved in the lives of less fortunate children and make a difference in their life and meet needs that would not be met otherwise. Come on over and join my daily rants and projects and watch the awesome unfold. “Operation Flip it Forward” is always on the go and looking for different children to impact!
My main goal with Baby Pancake is to offer customizable options for little ones and to meet needs that would otherwise get passed by. Quality is one of my biggest priorities as well as creating a bit of happiness and love in the products I produce.
Baby Pancake: Where happiness IS what it seams. :^)


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