Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time Away....It's Good for the Soul

We just got back from a long weekend away. And it was awesome.

My husband, kids, and I joined the rest of my family (Mom & Dad, Sister & her family, Brothers and their girlfriends and families) out in the Black Hills. We are fortunate to have a great friend of the family who has a small cabin out there and some land that we could bring campers, four-wheelers, etc. and just get away.

I can't even tell you how refreshed I feel. Exhausted? Yes. But it doesn't matter. We had a fantastic time hanging out near Custer, spending time in Hill City, riding the 1880 train to Keystone, taking one of those old time photos (with 17 people, 7 of those being 6 years old and younger - it was a hoot!), touring a cave, driving Needles Highway (Porter had his first car-sick experience) going to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, and just enjoying God's creation in the meantime. It was truly a wonderful time away.

Porter & Vienna digging at the Mammoth Site
Fun on Needles highway in my mom's new convertible :)

One of the highlights for me was one of the days we were all in Keystone and after we ate lunch at a delicious pizza joint, Mom & Dad decided to take all the kids back to the campsite and give us "big kids" time together to do whatever we wanted. Woot!!!

Of course, being pregnant, I couldn't partake in the cocktails that the rest of my siblings and their significant others did, but it sure was fun hanging out, laughing, and just being together. One of the super cool things that we *did* do, was take a chairlift to the top of a mountain. It's right in Keystone, and you can either just ride the chairlift up and back down, or slide down on a little cart-thing. Randall & I decided to head up and take the chairlift back down. The ride up was SO peaceful. Up at the top there were beautiful gardens, fountains, an outdoor cafe, and a spectacular view with Mt Rushmore in the background. It was awesome and I loved it.

It's not like it even took that long. We were only up there for maybe 15-30 minutes. It was just SO nice to spend time with my love, without anyone else around, sans kiddos, and just enjoying each other's company. It is a rare thing in our life these days, and definitely a highlight that I will remember from our short trip.

So, even if it's just for a night or two, or not even overnight, I highly encourage you to take some time away from your usual grind. I've always enjoyed vacations, but I don't think I ever realized how important they are to my own sense of well-being. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and able to get back into my daily routine without feeling stuck in a "rut". It's great!

So, here's to time away and meaningful moments. May you find yours this summer too!


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