Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm In the Mood for Love....

...Simply because you're near me

Can't you just hear Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, or Louis Armstrong singing these words? They are oh, so familiar, aren't they?

Today, I'm definitely in the mood for love.

And no, not just love from my husband, either ;).

I'm in the mood for love from my kids. Yes, they love me every day, but I really want to *notice* the way they love me. I mean, I'm working on consciously showing them my love for them by listening when they talk to me, stopping whatever I'm doing and pay attention to them, spending lots of time snuggling, reading, and just being together.

But what about the way they show me love? Am I really noticing?

Right now as I'm typing this, my sweet Vienna is doing my hair. She is just playing with some fun things she got for her birthday, but by making me "beautiful", she is definitely showing me her love for me. You know, I remember playing with my mom's and grandmas' hair too. It was SO awesome! I just loved combing it, creating "beautiful" new hairstyles, and playing salon. One time in particular I remember doing my grandma's hair in a particularly fantastic new 'do. My uncle said "Wow! That looks better than when she goes to the beauty parlor!" Ha! I'm sure it didn't, but that definitely made me feel super special and like I did a wonderful thing for her.

So, by letting me show my love to her, my grandma made me feel loved in return.

It's kind of cool how that cycle goes.

By accepting and noticing the love our kids show us (or husbands, or anyone), we make them feel loved and special in return!

My sweet son Porter shows me love by crawling on my lap and snuggling. And you know what? It's mutually beneficial! He loves on me, I love on him, and we both are comforted by each other in one fell swoop. Kinda cool, huh?

So....I'm in the mood for love....and I'm going to do my darndest to recognize it when it's being shown to me!


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