Thursday, February 27, 2014

Babies Need their Mamas

So...have you all seen this video?

Take the minute-fifteen to watch it.

It is one of the most precious and telling videos ever. No matter how a baby is birthed, they NEED their mamas. Immediately. Not 10 minutes later. Not 30 minutes later. And certainly not 2+ hours later. They want and need the comfort, sound, smell, and safety of their mommies right away after entering the world.

She is the only thing baby has ever known. She is baby's everything.

I would really like to see more hospitals going to immediate skin-to-skin following a cesarean birth. This sweet baby says it all as he cries every time he's pulled away from mama.

If you are pregnant, start talking with your provider now about the hospital's after-birth practices. Make SURE that your baby will be right with you, skin-to-skin, immediately after birth for as long as you feel necessary (even in the event of a cesarean). If you aren't available for whatever reason, make sure dad knows that he's next up and baby should be tucked in to his shirt!

Babies simply need their mamas. If mama isn't available, daddy will make an excellent 2nd choice.


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