Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Will Somebody Please Slow This Down?


Yesterday evening I picked up the kids from my friend's house after I had been attending a birth all day, and I was met with something I was completely and utterly unprepared for.

Vienna had a loose tooth!!

Wait. What?!?!

She's ONLY 5! I thought we had at least a year before she started this! What the heck?

Then I realized - der. She DID just start kindergarten, and she will be SIX in January for pete's sake. It's
really not that out of the realm of possibility for her to have a loose tooth.

Bu.....bu.......but.......she's my *baaabyy*! How can this be happening already??

Good grief. I think I'm going to have a harder time with this whole growing up thing than I originally thought. And I've always known it would be tough for me. Dangit.

Next thing you know she'll be getting her period and we'll have to buy her a bra. Then she's gonna graduate high school and move out and.....and......there's absolutely not a single thing I can do about it. *Sniff*

I knew we signed up for this when we had her. I just didn't realize it was gonna all happen so friggin quickly, know what I mean?

Ok, ok.

I'll stop whining about how my kid's growing up too quickly. I'm sure you all know how I feel.

I guess I'm just gonna have to put my best foot forward and celebrate these things with her as they happen and pray that hubby and I are raising her to be strong and independent and to make the best decisions for herself when she does actually move out and get a life of her own. Which really won't be for quite awhile. I'll have time to adjust to that concept when it comes ;)

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy her sweet newly-toothless grin and kiss and hug and love on her as much as possible.

Ahh....precious childhood


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