Monday, March 11, 2013

Anniversary Giveaway Time!

So, who's ready for an awesome giveaway??

How about your choice of items to enter for a giveaway??

Check out the photo album on our facebook page entitled "Anniversary Giveaway 2013", and you will find some awesome donations from local businesses that you can enter for a chance to win!!

Follow the entry steps carefully - if something is missed, you will be disqualified, and we would HATE for that to happen!!

Simply choose the item(s) you want to enter to win and follow the directions on that picture for your chance to win! The only thing you need to do first, though, is follow the directions on Elegant Mommy's picture in that album (It will be the same picture that you see here)

Easy peasy.

You will have until Friday, March 15 at about 4:00 p.m. to enter. I will be announcing the winners soon after that (I'll email the winners, too)

Please note that you can only enter one time per item. If you win, you will also be responsible for any shipping or upgrade costs if they apply.

Good luck to you!!

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