Monday, November 19, 2012

Childbirth Professional Day - Meet Lisa Stephens

~ What is your Childbirth Profession?
I am a Birth Doula
~ Desscribe your profession and why someone would want to choose your profession for support in pregnancy and/or childbirth
I support the pregnant woman and her partner & Family emotionally and physically during the prenatal, labor and childbirth, and also the postpartum period.I also help establish breastfeeding with the newborn.  I use relaxation techniques with my moms/partners including meditation, guided imagery, deep breathing, and aromatherapy.  Acupressure and reflexology are also used to aid in pain relief during the phases of labor, and birth. I also make postpartum visits, to follow up with how the delivery went, how breastfeeding is going, how the parents are adjusting, and also any siblings! I will also help with any light house work, snuggling baby while mom and dad catch a nap, helping with sibling adjustment, and also to help the family and new mom with any questions, and also make sure she is feeling well emotionally, and physically.
~ Why did you get started in your profession?
I became pregnant in 1998 and delivered a stillborn daughter in 1999, and really felt out of sorts, and lost with the delivery process, and didn't have a positive birth experience, besides the stillbirth, the nursing support was not up to par, and that led me to start researching and helping friends and family in their pregnancies and deliveries. I really noticed that this was my calling, when I worked with a very close friend, being her support while her husband was away. This really brought it closer to me, and I knew that this was my true calling. I want all moms and dads to-be, to be supported emotionally and physically during the precious birth of their child, letting them have the best possible birth experience.
~In detail, what is your personal childbirth philosophy?
My childbirth philosophy, is for a woman to have the best possible experience with her labor and childbirth, and to involve the partner and family as much as possible in this beautiful, intimate, miraculous time..  Medicated or not.
~If you could tell all pregnant women in the world something, what would it be?
I would tell pregnant mommas, (as I call them) to relax, enjoy, and become one with your body. You CAN do it!
~ How long have you been in your profession? Are you certified? If yes, by who?
I began my journey with being a Birth Doula in 2005, and I have begun the certification process via this past Summer. I will be also obtaining certification in Postpartum Doula as well, following my current studies. I have experience in emergency pre hospital medicine, high risk pregnancies, stillbirth, and post-stillbirth pregnancy and childbirth, and also teen and young mom pregnancies!
~Do you have a business name? How can people contact you for pregnancy and chilbrith support?
I work independantly, as Lisa Stephens, Birth Doula, and also volunteer services to any women that husbands/partners are deployed overseas. I also volunteer my services to at-risk women, and do base my fees on income, so that ALL women can benefit from the supports of a Birth Doula, no matter their current financial situation!  I do take last minute clients, and I am available by phone: 605-759-7252, and!
~ Where do you practice?
I work within the Watertown and surrounding areas

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