Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Reviews are In - Bravado Rocks!

Last week I asked on our facebook page who had used Bravado nursing bras, and if anyone would care to share a review.

To go along with our Bravado giveaway, here are the reviews….see for yourself why you should enter to win!

Loved them. So comfortable and easy when out and about. I wore them towards the end of my pregnancy just bc they are so comfortable ;) ~Jennifer

I currently own four Bravado bras. 1) I really only need one, but I have two in black, one in nude and one in ivory. I like the variety. 2) They are the most comfortable and most supportive bra I've ever owned. And they are pretty on, not like some others that are more like a contraption than a bra. 3) I look like I have two breasts, not just the one that shelf bras and nursing tanks give you. 4) I love that they come with a conversion kit because I WILL wear them after I'm done nursing. 5) I'm on month 14 with my first bra and it doesn't look any different than the one I bought two months ago from Elegant Mommy - The end. :) ~Andrea

Loved them very comfy and easy to do with one hand! I don't think they ever wear out and very stylish! Good investment! ~Jenny

I had the rainbow bra but it was a little too small so I sold it and got a white one the next size up and tie dyed it. :) its my fave and I used it for 18 months with my daughter and using it again for my son. Wearing it now. ~Allie

I own two! The feel is comfortable like a sports bra with out the uniboob! There so great I get nervous about what I will wear when I'm done nursing, lol! ~Lisa

Love them - I have 2. Comfy, supportive and easy to operate ~Heather

Very user friendly! Have had one of mine for over 4.years and still dont have to worry about falling out:) ~Erin

I have two.. i only could nurse for two months and I am in love and i will wear them as long as I have two boobs! I am not sure what the point of the conversion kit is because they look good and are comfortable just as is!!! ~Breteni

Love them! Was the only bra that I found that fit me (34 f/g), nursing or otherwise, after a grueling and heart wrenching search. Bought two Allures on the spot, and would buy a dozen more if I could. They're well made, very supportive, hold up well and are very flattering. ~Brianne

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