Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time for Gratitude - It's Potty Time!

Porter started using the potty this week!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is…well, actually….you probably already know J.

So, for quite awhile we (my husband and I) have been thinking that “he’s close”…”he’ll be going potty in the pot any day now”….but it wasn’t happening. We would have him sit on the pot, he would stand by the pot next to daddy….for a long time even – and he never even objected, but he would never go. Since he was content to sit and/or stand and wasn’t scared in any way, we were convinced he would start soon.

Days passed…

Weeks passed…

Months passed…

He still wouldn’t go.


Then pretty recently, something occurred to me. He really has a “I’m going to do this task on my own and when I decide I want to do it…not when someone tells me to” personality. A prime example was when he started walking. He was about 13 months old and got around really well and easily on his own. You know the stage, crawling, pulling up on things, and even climbing onto lower targets – like steps, step stools, etc. Well, I was reading a book to Vienna one night after baths and he was playing happily across the room and behind my back. I turned around to check on him somewhere in the middle of the book and the little turkey was walking across the room! Who knows how long he had been working on it on his own. He would never walk for Randall and I when we tried to help him, but on his own, he totally figured it all out. I shared my epiphany with Randall, and he totally agreed that he would just figure it out on his own one day.

Well, we were right. One evening last week after baths I was mixing up a concoction to put on a rash he had. He was running around sans clothing or dipe, and I told him to go sit on the pot while I finished mixing it up. Well, he didn’t want to, but Vienna – being the ever so helpful (and forceful) big sister she is – “helped” him go into the bathroom, and then shut him in so he wouldn’t escape. Yes, she’s definitely my little helper – ha! I actually even told her to leave him alone, but apparently she got him in there without too many objections from him and he decided to sit down on his own accord.

About 2 minutes later I was just finishing mixing up the natural rash cream/gel/stuff, and I heard some whoops and hollers coming from the bathroom. About 10 seconds later, I had two extremely excited kiddos jumping and dancing around me and telling me “you’ve gotta come see this!!” So, I went. What I found in the little potty chair was SO exciting! Yep, he had gone, and with no help from me. So, we all did a little dance around the bathroom, had a mini-potty-party, texted daddy who was at work, called grandma and grandpa, and called it a day.

The next day I decided to just see how he did in his big boy underwear. He only completely missed it 2 times all day. The rest of the time he caught it and finished in the pot….the following day he only dribbled one time and has been good ever since! WooHoo!! No more diapers, just some pull-ups at night (I’m in the process of making him some, but unfortunately I missed the boat on it a bit and we’ve had to go disposable for a bit L - oh, well. Such is life I guess).

Anyway, today I’m SUPER grateful that we are officially DONE with dipes until we have another babe some day! Woot!


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