Friday, June 29, 2012

Normal Birth? Understanding Fear In Birth? Babywearing?

Are you interested in any of these topics? 

Then you don't want to miss South Dakota Birth Matters' Annual East River Birth Conference being held here in Sioux Falls at Cross Pointe Baptist Church at 2201 S Marion Road on Saturday, July 7, 2012 with registration beginning at 12:30 p.m.. As one of the sponsors of the conference, Elegant Mommy will be there with a vendor booth, alongside many other birth and natural-living professionals and services - come out and see us! 

Although birth matters to everyone, this conference is especially geared toward families, and those who advocate for them, that are interested in learning about how to have the best birth possible.  The annual birth conference is one way that South Dakota Birth Matters educates families about evidence-based care and helps them prepare to navigate pregnancy and childbirth and all the choices and options they have available to them.

The rate of interventions in birth, such as cesarean sections, elective inductions, epidurals, electronic fetal monitoring, etc. has been greatly increasing over the last several decades.  While use of the technology in these interventions can be life-saving in certain medically necessary circumstances, overuse among low-risk mothers is leading to increased rates of birth related injuries, traumas, and deaths. In light of these trends, keynote speaker Vonda Gates will explore ways that families can optimize their likelihood for a normal physiologic birth and also why most mothers and babies experiencing a healthy pregnancy will benefit from normal birth.  Gates will also address cultural attitudes surrounding birth and how fear can affect birth outcomes.  

A baby wearing "style show" will feature safe ways to wear your baby and demonstrate ways babies should not be worn.  Healthy snacks will be provided and child care is available for those who pre-register.  The conference will also include a silent auction, a short Walk for Midwives and many informational vendor booths.  The conference will close with an opportunity for attendees to question a panel of birth professionals who advocate for normal birth.

A complete schedule and pre-registration information can be found at:

South Dakota Birth Matters has hosted an annual birth conference since 1993, enjoying such distinguished speakers as Michel Odent, Marsden Wagner and Henci Goer. South Dakota Birth Matters has also maintained a strong presence in the state legislature, helping to pass legislation to help expand and protect options for South Dakota Families. The consumer group has a mission to improve and expand all birth options for families in the state through education and legislation.

South Dakota Birth Matters believes that the period surrounding birth is a critical time for each family, because the way a child comes into the world sets the stage for their entire life. Optimizing the birth experience gives babies and their parents the best opportunity to thrive as families. Birth challenges can affect the success of breastfeeding and bonding and can result in long-term physical, financial, and emotional effects.

Vonda Gates, BSNc, has been a certified childbirth educator with International Childbirth Educator's Association (ICEA) since 1991.  She became one of the first 18 DONA certified doulas in the country in 1993.  As owner of Birth Basics, Vonda works on the west side of South Dakota to facilitate Black Hills families as they face the challenges of the childbearing year. 

Currently, Vonda enjoys working with the many talented women she meets as an approved trainer for the ICEA Professional Childbirth Educator and Doula certifying programs.  Vonda is the current chair for the ICEA Professional Childbirth Educator program and is a national trainer for Hug Your Baby (HUGS), a newborn parenting program.  Most recently Vonda was recognized by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) as a Mother-Friendly Nurse and enjoys promoting mother-friendly care for families choosing to birth in a hospital setting.  Vonda has also been a featured speaker at hospital sponsored birth conferences.

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