Friday, April 13, 2012

Diaper Savings at Elegant Mommy

With the Great Cloth Diaper Change coming up next week (make sure to register now!!), we are gearing up with cloth diaper information and getting ready to have a fantastic event in which we can help spread the word on how wonderful cloth diapering is, for so many reasons! To that end, one of my awesome co-workers put together some specific information on how you can save money on diapers through Elegant Mommy...check it out:

How much can Elegant Mommy save you on diapers?

Pocket Diapers
We recommend that you start with 12 to 15 diapers. Go ahead, mix & match to find the diapers that work best for your little one & your family. Our guess is that by the time you get into cloth diapering you will have at least 18 to 24 of your favorite diaper.

So here's how the cost will break down, if you buy your diapers through us.
Retail Cost {as of March 2012}
-% Discount acquired at different price levels (Elegant Mommy Price @ that #)

Hybrid Diapers
We recommend 2-3 covers & about 18 inserts

Other Items you may (will) want:
Discount from Diapers applies to these items, if purchased together.

Wet Bag
            Travel Size (for diaper bag)- $11.99-16.99
            Pail Size (for home)- 19.99-24.99

Cloth Wipes 4/ $1.99

Diaper Sprayer $47.99

Soap, price varies

Purchases made in store are also eligible for our punch card- 1 punch for every $20 spent; 5 punches= $5 off next purchase. In other words, spend $200 on diapers, get $10 off your next purchase!

Stay tuned to Elegant Mommy's Facebook page and/or blog for extra discounts!

~Sheena Sinkgraven

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