Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cloth Diapers vs Disposables

We are wrapping up the final details of The Great Cloth Diaper Change that is coming up *this Saturday* already!! And can I just tell you how friggin' excited we are?! We hope you are too!!

Some may wonder what all this is about. I mean, seriously - who in the world thought of changing a bunch of babies at the same time and attempting to make a world record in the process?

Well, it was the brain-child of some really fun people at the Real Diaper Association, and the point is to raise awareness of the benefits of cloth over disposables.

I mean seriously...there are a lot, right? For one, you have toxin-free soft cloth touching your baby's bum vs. who-knows-what toxins* right next to their most sensitive areas; you also can save a whole bunch of money using cloth...especially if you make your own, purchase used, or take advantage of some of Elegant Mommy's great sales *wink*; and of course, it is also SO much better for the environment! Wherever you are on the environmentalist spectrum (nonchalant to hard-core), I doubt that you would disagree that we need to take care of the earth we live in, and filling landfills with disposable dipes that won't decompose for years and years definitely isn't good for it. And can we just take a minute and think about the super-cute patterns and diapers available? Oh. My. Word. SO cute!!

Anyway, we've been working on the planning of the Great Cloth Diaper Change for some time now, and during the planning, a fellow host from Nebraska ( created the following awesome visual.

Striking, isn't it?

So, how do you feel about cloth vs. disposable?


*yes, you can find out, I'm just not taking the time right now...actually I read a really good article on it one time. I'll see if I can find it and will post a link here sometime in the future...or if anyone else has a link, feel free to share :)

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