Monday, March 5, 2012

ABC's of Elegant Mommy - B, C, D

ABC’s of Elegant Mommy – B, C, D

Last week I told you that we are going through the ABC’s of Elegant Mommy this month in addition to several other very cool features. We started out with “A” and I talked about how Elegant Mommy is “All about [fill in the blank]”. As we go through some of these letters, I’ll really just be delving deeper into how and what we are “All About ________”

B – Breastfeeding

Elegant Mommy has always been a place that fully and 100% supports breastfeeding. First of all, every month the Sioux Falls store hosts the area La Leche League meeting on the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. With the new and improved Educated Mommy event area in the new store, this will be better than ever!

Elegant Mommy also carries many nursing supplies…from super comfortable nursing bras and nursing tanks to breastfeeding necessities like natural capsules to increase milk supply, nipple cream, a hands-free pumping bra, and reusable breast pads. We also carry Medela breast pumps and accessories.

We will be featuring some IBCLC’s from the Sioux Falls area here on the blog this month as well, so stay tuned for even *more* breastfeeding information and support!

C – Cloth Diapers

Wow – where to even begin with cloth diapers. Elegant Mommy is one of *the* best places to get cloth diapers in the area! We carry many brands and accessories, from pockets to fitteds to swim diapers, and frankly we have a wealth of information and knowledge about cloth and how we can help you with your cloth diapering needs.

To begin with, we have Diapapallooza every few months which is an opportunity for families to begin their cloth diapering journey on a budget…or to simply add to their ever-growing stash that they already have J. We have very knowledgeable staff that all have cloth diapering experience, so can share what they know…the best thing is that they don’t just know these things by reading in a book or learning second hand…this is real-life experience, folks!

In addition to that, we carry a huge variety of clothdiapers, trainers, and accessories. Also, don’t forget about wetbags, sprayers, cloth wipes, etc and the all-important cloth diaper-safe laundry detergent!

Seriously – no matter what your cloth diapering issue, question, or item needed, we’ve got you covered!

D – Doulas

Elegant Mommy has a true love for doulas! As a doula myself, I have loved the way that not only have we always seen the value in mamas having a doula present for their labor and delivery, but we have also helped spread the word, so to speak. Especially in this area, many, many women and families have never even heard of doulas, let alone know how helpful one can be during childbirth. Elegant Mommy has a mission to help families throughout pregnancy, and educating on the value of doulas is part of that.

If you do a search for doulas on our blog, particularly in relation to Childbirth Professional Day (a monthly blog feature), you will be able to find practicing doulas in the area (in addition to midwives and childbirth educators)…keep your eye out – there are many more doulas and other Childbirth Professionals that we will be featuring in the coming months!


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