Tuesday, November 15, 2011

N is for 'New Beginnings'

Not everyone is born with the ideal family. When I married my husband Scott in April of 2010, we covenanted with God to raise our children in a Christian home. Our little family was blessed with the pleasant surprise of my pregnancy just two days before our first anniversary. I will be delivering our first son next month. While I have had a safe, uneventful pregnancy, the past year of my life has brought a number of problems with incredibly close members of my family tree. Having my own offspring on the way has given me a different perspective on many of the issues we've experienced. Despite my own concerns and fears, we are not merely products of our heritage. We are able to overcome obstacles and create a new legacy for our children. Our son is a fresh start.

A few short years ago I was a cynic. After my first engagement ended, I doubted everything in my life: God, friends, myself. I wondered if I was capable of being a good mother and spouse. From those painful days sprang restoration, healing, and a greater understanding of God's faithfulness. I trusted Him to enable me, instead of myself. Slowly, I have grown in my marriage and in my role as a woman. I was able to finally establish healthy relationships with people around me. I was blessed. Not long later, I met my wonderful husband, and we have continued to grow together. Now I have new roles to fulfill: wife and mother.

If you'd asked me in 2008, I might have said I hoped I'd be with a good man. I never really thought I'd have the perfect spouse for me, or even a child on the way. Now, I have a new beginning. In my son, I have the opportunity to nurture another life, to raise them well. I have an opportunity to teach someone to live beyond selfishness, anger, and bitterness. I have the blessing of teaching, loving, and disciplining another human life. The task frightens me. What woman is without fears before her firstborn? In Christ,  I'm not alone. I have Him to stand guard over my little family and my heart.

By Emily Schultz


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me post. It's fun that it came the day after a post about Judy, who is my husband's aunt!

Just another RN said...

Emily? Strange that I don't recognize your name. You married to Adam or Scott maybe? If you are 'family' I would love to know this lol.

I am 'family'. Lets just say... I don't agree with all of her life decisions, but in this I do agree... She cares very much for the people under her care. She is a registered nurse, and has had many many years of child birth practice. She's probably more "experienced" than most OB/GYN's out there.

Oh, and I am a registered nurse too, and more or less agree with her practice. I would personally have avoided all the hassle & just get certified via the ANA, but that decisions was hers to make.

Just another RN said...

Ah! You did marry Scott! (Found your blog) Congratulations to both of you. I haven't seen him in many years... ever since I stopped attending the family xmas reunions. Glad to see he's married. Hope he still enjoys reading too.. good for the soul.