Wednesday, November 30, 2011

L is for 'Lessons Learned'

            They say that when a door closes another one opens.  My son is living proof of that saying.  A year ago at Thanksgiving time, I had a job I was starting to despise.  I worked either too much or too little and nothing would make the bosses happy.  Truthfully, I was at the point of going to work just for the good money I was making just because I was planning my Labor Day wedding for 2011. 

            The Friday before Thanksgiving, I was let go.  The weird thing was I was not upset.  I just wondered how I was going to be able to pay the bills for the wedding.  As I left, I immediately informed my fiancé that I was coming to his parents’ home for Thanksgiving.  He was excited to see me but also wondered how we were to pay for our wedding as I was making more money between the two of us.

            January 12, 2011, I learned I was pregnant with my son.  His due date was August 12.  Three weeks before the wedding date.  Our plans were changed, and we married in April.  

            During this pregnancy, I tried to find work and was not very successful until my last two months of pregnancy.  It was also during this time I truly learned the saying’s meaning.  While looking for work, I took care of my niece who was born in January, returned to school and brought my GPA up considerably, and fell in love with the occupation of being a stay at home mother.

            I have the loss of this job to thank because if I maintained this job, I would not have my son here today playing peek-a-boo with his giraffe named Bubbles as I write this blog and talking to me when I miss one too many of his peeks.  I would also not be in school finishing my degree, nor would I know what a wonderful blessing it is to stay home and care for my child and know I will never miss a major milestone because I am here to see it.

            I have always heard those wise sayings but never truly paid attention to their truths until my son’s arrival forced my eyes open to seeing them and reflecting upon my life over the past 25 years and remembering how many of them were proven true but I did not see it.

            The next time I have a loss, I will give it the time to grieve the loss but I will also look and see what new opportunities are available for me to take advantage of in thanks of the new loss.  “Do not cry because it ended, smile because it happened.”  has become my new mantra when it comes to losses. 

            As strange as it is, I am thankful that I learned to be thankful for losses great and small over the past year and it is all in thanks to my 3-month-old son.

By Eryn

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