Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Been a Year

Wait. What?!

Exactly one year ago today I was "due" with our precious little "Baby Bo" (that's one of her many nicknames around here)

Oh, it was still 18 days until I had her (yes, I said EIGHTEEN), but I remember my due date so very clearly.

I was sitting in between two very dear friends of mine (Shelly, also very pregnant with Kate, and Niki) at our week-long Lactation Counselor certification course.

(Cuz that's how I do....sign up for a week-long course all about breastfeeding the week that I'm due).

Meh. I figured I would go past that date. I wasn't worried.

I certainly had plenty of contractions that week....but honestly there couldn't have a better place for me. I was surrounded by other women who have a passion for babies, I was with good friends, and DOULAs.

Did you catch that? I was with THREE other doulas (and friends) all.week.long. At 40 weeks pregnant. Seriously - if you ever have a chance to be surrounded by doulas (who are just naturally nurturing and caring and know exactly what you need) when you are 40 weeks pregnant - for 5 days straight - TAKE IT!

Anyway, I obviously made it through the week with no fact I had almost 3 whole weeks left before we got to meet our sweet babe.

When I saw this cartoon I had to smile. I've SO been there ;)

One of my favorite things about being so "overdue" was seeing people's faces when my answer was "2 weeks ago" to their well-meaning "when are you due" inquiries. And then came the "Oh, you poor thing. They are letting you go that long?!" type comments.

Ha! I usually responded with something like "Oh, they aren't letting me do anything. I call the shots" ......or you know, something similar.

I loved being able to expand people's minds with the idea that midwives and doctors don't have the final say in maternity care....that we, their CLIENTS do. (Note I didn't say patients? Pregnancy is NOT a sickness!)

Anyhoo, sometime in the next few weeks I'll be posting our little Ember's birth story....I can hardly believe it's already been a year!!

And if you happen to be nearing the end of your pregnancy - don't worry - I can promise you with certainty that you won't be pregnant forever (I wasn't, though in those last days I certainly felt like I would be the first woman in history to be)! Hang in there!


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