Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby Photos....Behind the Scenes

So, I'm not sure how many of you have had your adorable kiddos photographed by a professional, but I would highly recommend it if you haven't. They are trained to get some awesome shots and they are so great at editing the photos to perfection.

Back in April after the Great Cloth Diaper Change the awesome Stacy Avery Photography did mini sessions for those who wanted to get great photos of their sweet little ones in cloth. It was SO fun!

What makes it even more fun? When you have THREE babies about the same age (within 2 weeks of each other), just getting good at sitting, in their fluff, with two moms really close to avoid any injuries, and the other mom taking the photos.

Let the chaos ensue, and enjoy some of these outtakes....

From left to right is Ember (mine), Ryan (Stacy's), and Kate (Shelly's)

Ember: Yeah, I'm pretty happy
Ryan: Here, Kate, Let me just take that for you
Kate: What are you doing? I'm trying to sit here like a big girl - NO you can't have my necklace!

Ember: Yep - I like to smile - CHEESE!!
Ryan: Fine. If you aren't going to share your neckace you can just leave!
Kate: Whatever. I like my fist anyway.

Ember: Woohoo! Wait. What?
Ryan: Hey - what's over here?!
Kate: Hi there - I'm pretty adorable!

Ember: Woah!
Ryan: WTF!
Kate: Ha! I'm still sitting :P

Ember: What the....?!
Ryan: Kate, I really like your hair.
Kate: What the....?!

Ember: Look what I can do!
Ryan: So? I don't even care.
Kate: I'm so friggin cute I can hardly stand it.

Ember: What are you doing? Leave my ear alone!
Ryan: I'm the strongest baby in the world!
Kate: Ryan! Stop it!!

Ember: Let's be friends - here, hold my hand.
Ryan: I'm the studdliest baby around...I have TWO girls on my arms
Kate: I suppose I can forgive you for pushing me.

And.....the finished product. Are they cute or what? :)
What a fun day! Thank you, Stacy, for capturing the fun! I'm excited to keep doing this as our babies grow together :)

I hope you enjoyed these as much as we have!


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