Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrating YOU

Mother's Day is almost here!

I don't know what your family or kiddos will do to celebrate you on might be a big celebration that honors and thanks you, takes care of you, and shows you exactly how much you are loved and cherished by them.

Then again, it may be a whole lotta nothin.

No matter what you family does for you, know that WE are celebrating you! Here at Elegant Mommy we know *exactly* what you go through, all you do, and most of all how important you are. Being a mom is tough sometimes. Really tough other times. But all the time it's worth it.

Don't worry how much you're screwing up - we are all right there with ya. We are all just human - we make mistakes and just need to learn from them. Pick yourself up and move on. It'll be ok.

And don't underestimate how much the little things that you do matter.

You are doing a GREAT job mama! Keep it up and know that you have a village of other moms who love you and are here to support you through this journey called motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day!!


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