Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pregnancy Pictures

So you all know I'm expecting.

If I didn't gravitate toward any and every pregnancy/birth article, blog post, study, and collection of maternity, birth, and baby pictures before, I certainly do now.

So, yesterday someone shared one of the funniest collection of pictures I've seen. I looked through it last night when everyone else was in bed and my husband came out of the bedroom all groggy and was wondering what I was doing. I clearly was being a bit too loud in my giggles and guffaws.

Anyway, here is the collection of "Awkward Pregnancy Photos" from Belly Belly that I was looking at. You
Um....not sure what to say...
need to take a few minutes and look through them...I mean, seriously...#7? I honestly didn't even know how to react - it's just so ridiculous and wrong on so many levels. I don't even get it. So I laughed. At all of them. HA!

I also just googled "awkward pregnancy photos" and the images that came up are cra.zy. Seriously - you gotta wonder where some of these people got their ideas about what would make a good maternity picture. Bahahaha!!! Some of them are obviously just snapshots and not supposed to be a "good" picture. However, many of them are obviously taken by a professional.

I've contemplated getting maternity pictures with this pregnancy. I've never done that before and think it would be pretty sweet to have memories of at least one pregnancy. Looking at these pictures reinforces what we all already know.

Your photographer MATTERS!

It's important to know that whoever you choose to take maternity pics for you actually knows what the heck they are doing and not just trying to re-create something they saw once - without proper lighting, props, equipment, or skills to make it look decent.

Luckily, we have a pretty awesome group of extremely talented photographers in the area. If you are looking to get some pictures taken, talk to friends, family, and acquaintances about who you should hire. Look at their portfolios and hire the one who most closely matches what you are looking to get out of your photo session.

That way, hopefully you won't ever end up in a collection of "Awkward Pregnancy Photos" online anywhere.

I'm sure there are many other awkward pregnancy photos out there. Where have you seen some? Care to share and give us all a good laugh? We like to laugh.


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