Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Babywearing Daddies

So. Have you seen the pictures of Channing Tatum wearing his new baby daughter in a Moby wrap?

How about Cam Gigandet wearing his sweet baby in a sling?

I have to say. There's almost nothing as sexy to a mommy than seeing her man wear their baby. I SO wish I had a picture of mine wearing ours.

Boba's Camo Soft Structured Carrier
To that end, how about we have a contest?? Let's share pictures of our men wearing our babies!!

To enter, just email me a picture of your hubby/partner/baby's daddy/man in your life wearing your baby in a wrap, sling, or carrier of some sort. (media @ elegantmommy . com)

I'll post all the pictures I get here on the blog, and then we will do a little voting for our fan favorite.

The picture that gets the most votes will win a Boba Wrap, sponsored by Boba!!

Please get your pictures to me by end of the day Thursday, 7/11/13.

This is going to be fun!!

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