Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured Product Day: Motherlove Herbal Company

Today, companies that specialize in products for all the stages of a woman's life are common, but in 1990, when Motherlove Herbal Company was born, it was the first herbal personal care and supplement company for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For the past 21 years, Motherlove has continued to pioneer this industry with their dedication to safe products that nurture life.

The founder of Motherlove, Kathryn Higgins, has over 35 years of experience as a nationally recognized herbalist, author and teacher. It's her mission to provide safe and effective herbal products to women, a vision that is now shared by her daughter, Silencia Cox, who works with Kathryn at Motherlove.

Motherlove was founded because of Kathryn's own journey with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Every product the company manufactures, every package and the attention to nurturing life begins with The 3 R's: Respect, Responsibility and Reconnect. Not only for our own bodies and families, but for Mother Earth.

The products manufactured by Motherlove encompass the time honored journey through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and baby care. Each product has been formulated to be effective, preservative free and ranks a zero on the Skin Deep database of toxicity.

The packaging for each product is chosen to be as sustainable as possible, manufacturing is done using wind credits and production is certified cruelty-free, kosher and follows the Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by the American Herbal Products Association and the FDA.

One of the secrets to the legacy being left by Motherlove is special relationship of the two driving forces behind the company. Founder, Kathryn Higgins, and her daughter, Silencia Cox, work as a two-generation team to keep the original mission and company ideals as crisp today as they were 20 years ago.

The Nurturing Life Foundation was formed in 2005, as part of the company's 15 year celebration. Honoring the goals of both promoting breastfeeding and supporting mothers in need, the foundation sponsors organizations like the Mountain Park Environmental Center in Beulah, Colorado, Keeping Dreams Alive and Realities for Children.

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