Thursday, October 28, 2010

What kind of detergent should I use with cloth diapers?

    When it comes to washing diapers, simpler is better.  The less ingredients in a detergent, the better it probably is.  You want to stay away from detergents that contain perfumes and dyes, fabric softeners, brighteners, and phosphates.  Here is a breakdown of the effects these ingredients can have.

*Perfumes and dyes: Can be an irritant to Baby’s sensitive skin.  Can also lead to UTIs and vaginal infections in baby girls.  If you would like your diapers to have a nice fragrance, put a few drops of lavender oil on a washrag and put it in the dryer with the diapers.

*Fabric softeners: Leave a chemical buildup on diapers that 1) reduce absorbency and 2) can be an irritant.  White vinegar is a great substitute in the wash for fabric softener.   You can also use dryer balls in the dryer to make the diapers soften as they dry.

*Brighteners:  Optical brighteners are simply a chemical buildup that make your clothes appear brighter. Buildup can be irritating to Baby.  For a natural alternative, try lemon juice and some sunlight to help lift stains.

*Phosphates: Phosphates are extremely hard for water treatment plants to breakdown, and are thus pumped back into natural water sources.  Phosphates reduce oxygen levels in the water, making a deadly environment for fish and other water life.  To read more about this, visit .

 So what SHOULD I use to clean diapers with?

    There are a few detergents out there designed specifically for cloth diapers.  Rockin’ Green ,and Charlie’s soap are a few of these and are available in store at Elegant Mommy!  There are also an abundance of recipes available online if you’re into making your own products. 

For a chart on which commercial detergents are recommended and which are not, visit .

For a quick link to Elegant Mommy’s detergents, visit:


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