Monday, October 25, 2010

Natural gas and constipation relief.

Gas can be a large source of discomfort for your baby. There are quite a few natural ways to help relieve gas pain.  If you are breastfeeding and your baby is experiencing frequent gas problems, reevaluate your diet to find foods that could be causing gas.

Relieving Gas:
-Make sure you are burping baby frequently during feedings. This is especially important if you are bottle feeding.
-Give baby a warm bath.  The warm water will help to break up the gas pockets. 
-When you take baby out of the tub, gently massage the belly with some baby lotion.  Knead like you would dough, gently of course. 
-Work the legs in circular motion as if they were riding a bicycle.  This will also help to break up the gas bubbles.
-Look for a product called Gripe Water in stores. You can also purchase online.  It’s a natural, chemical free mixture that is very helpful in breaking up gas. In my experience I’ve also found it to be much more effective than Mylicon or other gas relieving drops.
-Lay baby across one of your legs, applying gentle pressure to the belly.  The increased pressure can help break up gas.

    Many of these same methods are also helpful in relieving infant constipation. Breastfeed babies do not experience constipation as frequently as formula fed babies.  If your formula fed baby is experiencing frequent and painful constipation, talk to your pediatrician about switching to a formula your baby will tolerate better.

Relieving constipation:
-In a young baby, give a small bottle of warm water.  The increased water will often times get things moving.
-In an older baby, diluted fruit juices can be used.  Pear, grape, and apple are most effective.
-A rectal thermometer can be used to GENTLY stimulate the bowels. If you are uncomfortable doing this, ask your doctor to show you how to use this method.
-A warm bath or warmed rice sock held against baby’s tummy can also help.  Make sure the rice sock is not too hot, as to not burn your baby.
-Bicycle motion leg movement can also assist in moving things along.

If your baby is experiencing frequent bouts of constipation, consult your pediatrician.


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