Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mommy Brain: aka Why Is The Icecream In The Cupboard?

The first experiences with "Mommy Brain" usually begin the minute we bring that little bundle of joy home from the hospital. The nurses are no longer at your beck and call and you are exhausted. The joys of a little baby deprive you of precious sleep and you start to forget things. Important things. "huh? My mother moved and bought a house?" Scratching your head you move on. The incidents become more frequent as your baby continues to get up time and time again for nighttime feedings. This is only the beginning.

The whole world is a more interesting place with mommy brain. Groceries get misplaced. The icecream ends up in the cupboard (true story) and the coffee in the freezer. If this is your first child you'll swear you're going crazy. If it's not you're already all too familiar with Mommy Brain. That phenomenon that causes you to forget why you told your toddler no cartoons today. The part of you that wants a nap and a shower. Is it so much to ask for both?? Mommy Brain says yes. It's tied into Mommy Guilt and wrapped around Mommy Instincts. It can run your life. If you let it that is.

So Mamas I'm here tonight to say- Take that shower (or even a bath!) and enjoy your nap. Give yourself some me time and you'll find the fog has lifted and things make sense again. I'm giving you a free pass to be selfish once in a while. Show your children love by getting away from them. It will make you renewed and more able to deal with life. So, give your Mommy Brain a kick good bye and do something for you!

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