Monday, January 19, 2015

This Is For You...

This post is for you, mama.

Yes, you - the beautiful and amazing mom reading right now.

This post is for the days that you are in pajamas until 1 pm

...for the days that you have so much going on that you have no idea where to even begin

...for when you have the butterfly feeling all the way up in your throat because there's just too much to deal with

....for the times you feel terrible for yelling way louder than necessary

....for the days when you are so touched out that you can barely stand it

....for when you feel the ultimate frustration in having to tell the kids to get dressed. For the 6th time that day

...for feeling irritated and incensed that the big kids are going to wake the baby if they don't stop what they are doing this very second but you can't yell at them because then you'll wake the baby

...for when you are so mad at the dog for digging in the garbage again that you actually have the though that you can't wait until it's summer and he can be outside all day long

...for laundry days. Otherwise known as - you know -

....for the times you get to the checkout line at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries and realize you forgot your wallet on the counter at home

...for the nights you wake up with the baby for the 4th time and fantasize about just quitting breastfeeding so your husband could get up with her instead

....for the days when you get to the park after a beautiful long walk with the kids and as soon as you get there your youngest has to go to the bathroom. There isn't a bathroom at the park, and you know it's your own fault for not making them go 2 seconds before leaving.

....for the times when you just feel like you are failing at this whole mothering thing.

I'm here to tell you


We all have awful, terrible, horrendous, and no-good days. We all have miserable moments, too.

It's SO ok to feel bad about things. You are human, afterall (even though your kids and husband might think you are super-woman!). It's ok to have those tough moments. We all know that life isn't Facebook perfect.

Please hear me when I tell you this, though. You are doing an AMAZING job!

Don't quit being the super awesome amazing and wonderful person you are! You are doing exactly what's right for your family. You are the perfect mother to your babies (no matter their age), and everything you do proves it!

So when those tough moments and days come your way, know you will persevere - you can do it! You will get through it, and when you do, you will enjoy the good days and times that much more. Keep smiling at your kids, love them, hug them, nurse them, and enjoy them.

And don't forget - you have a village here at Elegant and Educated Mommy rooting for you!! Let us know if there's any way at all that we can help you!

You are a WONDERFUL mommy!!


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