Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What in the Heck Was I Thinking?!

I do this to myself every year.

It's Christmas time, our family gatherings are VERY quickly approaching and I'm scrambling.

Of Course.

I mean, why wouldn't I?

Every. Single. Year.

But this year? With a newborn? Homeschooling? Really?!?

I always make as many of the gifts we give as possible. I love creating things for the people I love - I always have. Long ago it was individualized mod podged cigar boxes. One year it was cinnamon rolls. A couple years ago it was wool dryer balls and hand soap. Last year it was Christmas tree skirts and an apron that my dear grandma had started many many years ago and I had the privilege to finish. I just think that homemade gifts are pretty sweet - especially if they have meaning and are good quality.

This year is no different. I have big plans for some awesome gifts for my parents and several others on my list.

Did you notice how I said "I have big plans"? Not "I had..."

Do you realize what that means?

I haven't actually gotten to them. My problem? Time.

Here is how my days typically go (Note: if hubby isn't working, he totally helps with all this):
~Get up, brush teeth.
~Baby has by this time noticed that I'm not laying right next to her, so wakes and wants to get up too.
~Change baby
~Feed Baby
~Get other kids up if they aren't already up
~Feed other kids
~Tell big kids to get dressed, brush teeth, etc
~Change Baby, likely feed baby again
~Remind big kids that they are supposed to get dressed, brush their teeth, comb their hair, etc
~Prepare myself for that day's homeschool lessons
~Feed baby
~Remind big kids to finish getting dressed
~Clean up from breakfast.....maybe
~Get started on school - hopefully finish before it's time to get lunch
~Feed & change baby
~Figure out something for lunch
~Eat lunch
~Start working (On days I don't work, insert "run errands or clean" here)
~Feed & change baby sometime in there
~Finish up things that need to get done at work
~Make supper
~Feed baby
~Evening stuff - baths, reading, playing, watching movies, etc depending on the day
~Get kids ready for bed
~Tuck kids into bed
~Try to get baby to sleep (i.e. marathon nurse for an hour or two)
~Lay baby down in swing and work on Christmas presents (if she's really actually sleeping)
~Decide I'm too friggin tired and just go to bed

Guess which one usually wins out?

Yep. That's my life these days. Not very often do I have time to do anything besides barely getting through my regular days. I'm running out of days and hours to get the things done that I need to. That's not even talking about shopping that needs to happen still.

Uff-da. (That's Norwegian speak for "holy crap, what am I doing?!?")

Usually this time of year is a joy to me. I adore preparing things, wrapping gifts, taking in a Christmas program or two, and enjoying all the season has to offer. This year I'm having to remind myself what the season really means and how no matter what happens we are celebrating the birth of our Savior. Whether or not I finish up the things I planned to do.

I need to remind myself to slow down and take it in. The kids' as they look at the twinkling lights and tinsel. Their excitement and anticipation of our celebration with family. Making goodies with friends. Reflecting on the year and just being grateful for all God has blessed me with.

I pray you are all staying sane and enjoying the season for all of it's joys and wonder! I'm doing my best, but if you see me in the next couple days, please be gentle. I promise I'll be gentle with you, dear mama who has too much going on just like me ;). Like my dear husband said yesterday "Being stressed this time of year kind of defeats the purpose, right?"

Much love and many blessings in this wonderful season of the year!


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