Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving...Because It's Tomorrow

So it's the time of the year to be thankful.

It really feels like you HAVE to be thankful this time of the year, doesn't it? Like you're a bad person or something if you can't find or think of all the things you are (or should be) thankful for?

Well, I've kind of been feeling blah about true thankfulness. I mean, I'm totally thankful for the obvious things. But it felt more robotic or something. Even as I did Thanksgiving lessons with the kids this week. I was just talking about it and wasn't really *feeling* it, know what I mean?

Let's face it. This wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend/aunt/student/teacher/volunteer/co-worker life we lead is HARD. We all go through seasons that are more difficult than others. There are people and things in our lives that are demanding and stretch us - sometimes to our limit.

There are easier seasons too, but sometimes it's really easy to dwell in the difficulties instead of enjoying it all.

So that's where I was earlier today. Just going through the motions. Doing school with the kids, trying my darnedest to get to the laundry, feeding the kids, nursing the baby, changing her diaper, trying to get some work done, making the bed, nursing her some more then changing her again, putting a few clothes away, oh yeah - nursing the baby some more, making lunch - late again.

In the midst of all this, I looked down and something hit me. I was absolutely *overflowing* with thankfulness and love. All the things that can get mundane and just "part of my life" are all so important. And I'm SO thankful that they are part of my life. Even the dirty diapers that I have to change. Again.

You wanna know what I saw when I looked down?


Then I looked over and you know what I saw there?

I'm not sure why, but looking at our kids while they were enjoying their lessons for the day, and seeing our sweet precious baby snuggled up to me after falling asleep in her sling did something to me today. I actually FEEL thankful.

Thankful for the beautiful family that the Lord has blessed me with. Thankful for the good days as well as the struggles, which just make me stronger. Thankful for the sweet faces that greet me every single morning. Just......thankful.

I'm especially thankful at this moment that I'm getting pretty good at typing with just one hand since Ember has been nursing since right before I started writing this afternoon :)

God is good!! Happy Thanksgiving ya'll - I hope you can find your true thankfulness too ;)


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