Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So....How To Use an Onya?

As you know we are giving away an Onya Soft Structured Carrier this month! It's our newest brand of Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) to be offered at Elegant Mommy.

So, why two different kinds? Well, they aren't exactly alike, and we want to give our customers options, of course! :)

As you saw last week, Onya does have some differences from our existing line of Boba carriers. For one, it is able to convert to an infant chair to be used with any regular chair. Pretty handy, huh?

Today, check out two different videos on how to do a front and back carry with an Onya. Though similar to the Boba, there are a couple differences. You can check them out here!

We want you to be able to choose what's important to you in a carrier! We really do carry a nice variety, and definitely have something to meet everyone's needs.


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