Friday, September 19, 2014

Breast Crawl - Do All Babies Have the Instinct? you can imagine, Elegant Mommy is a-buzz with three of us getting ready to welcome our sweet little ones into the world soon.

We are all (obviously) planning to breastfeed our littles, and even though we've all done it before and have been promoting breastfeeding for years, I thought it would be kinda awesome to watch some initial breastfeeding videos on YouTube. Well, there are a ton of them as you might imagine.

One in particular I found stuck out to me because as a doula (and a mom with two very different kinds of births) I've seen first hand the effect that medications administered during labor can have on newborns and initial breastfeeding.

I found this video and study-findings very interesting and thought you might too.

So, take a look and let us know if you have experienced any of this with your babies or if it rings true to you.

I'm looking so forward to breastfeeding again...whether you are nursing your sweet babe now or will be soon (like me!), I pray your initial breastfeeding got off to a great start (or will!).

Happy breastfeeding

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